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Bee Control in Milwaukee, WISeeing a few bees visiting your garden can be a pleasant site, however, what happens when they decide to invade your home in huge numbers and make a nest somewhere in your property? There are a lot of homeowners that tried to remove bee nests only to find that it is a very dangerous task and also, they find it ineffective because they do not have the right tools and knowledge for the task. There are a lot of species of bees, and all can inflict a power sting on contact, and the sting itself can be very painful and when you get stung, the symptoms can range from mild swelling to major allergic reactions. A Landlords Pest Control and Extermination is here to provide you with impeccable bee control services. Our experts in Milwaukee, WI will remove all of the bees in your property and ensure the safety of your family.

Bees Can Cause Property Damage

The various species of bees that make their nest can include the Honeybee, Teddy Bear Bees, and Carpenter Bees. Not all bees have the same nesting habits, however, all of them seek out cavities and crevices in houses, buildings, trees, or shrubs. The damage to property starts when bees locate their nests and wax combs in areas of your home such as under the roof eaves or around air conditioners or in mortar. Because of this, the nests can get in the way and disrupt the operations of your electrical appliances and even create blockages in gutters. The nest can also cause damage to other structures that

Professional Bee Control in Milwaukee, WIare close to their nest. Calling our bee control experts to remove the insects as soon as they are discovered is important to ensure that you and your family are safe and your property is protected from major damage.

Quality Bee Control in Milwaukee, WI

Quality Bee Removal Services

Bee removal methods have changed over the years, and previously, it was common for some pest control companies to use chemicals such as sprays or dust to kill bees in homes. However, A Landlords Pest Control and Extermination recognizes the importance of bees to the environment, so we make sure that we perform safe and harm-free bee control methods for the insects. The bees in your home will be safely removed and will not be exterminated. Our experts will bring out the beehive with the queen in it and the other bees will entire the beehive, and we can then safely remove the nest. If the bees are located in a wall or void, any remains will also be removed to avoid re-infestations. We also understand that spraying or dusting bees to kill them can turn them aggressive since they will be protective of their queen, and that is why we use only safe methods to protect you and your family.

Ensure safety now with Bee Control!

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